Getting Started

Welcome to Xcel2Tally User Guide. It is an online utility tool that converts your Excel Data into Tally based XML format in a few clicks. To get started, first of all you will be required to sign up on Xcel2Tally.

Step 1: Sign in

  1. Go to Sign in and enter your Username and Password.
  2. In case you have forgot your account password, you can reset it from forgot password

Step 2 : Create a Company

  1. Once you login to your account, First you will be required to create a company.
  2. There are two ways to create a company:-
  1. As you login to Xcel2Tally, you will find a COMPANIES option on the left side of your dashboard. By clicking on COMPANIES you will find Add Company button on the right side. Click on it and a small window will appear on your right side. Submit your company name and details, click on Create Button and your company will be created.
  2. Another option to create a company is, by clicking on Process Excel Files, you will find CREATE COMPANY option. As you click on it a small window will appear on your right side, now add your company name and details, click on the Create option and your company will be registered.

Step 3 : Select a template

  1. Go to DASHBOARD and select the template which you want to use.

If your excel file is already prepared and you want to process it for importing it to Tally, click on Process Make sure that your excel file is in the specified format as shown in demo file otherwise it will not be processed. If you want more information on how to import your excel file to tally select on View Demo and follow the steps as shown in video.

  1. Note :- There are no customized templates available for now.
  2. To view the demo file, follow the below steps to download it.

Step 4 : Download the Demo Template File

If you don't know how to prepare your excel file then you can download the demo file for your reference from Download Demo Files Option which is provided on left side of your screen.

  1. After that click on Download button as shown below.
  2. You will be required to prepare the excel file according demo template file.

Step 5 : Process the File

Choose the Process Excel file option from the left sidebar. After that upload your prepared Excel File, you can process it by selecting the template and your company name. Make sure the uploaded excel file is in a specified format as shown in Demo File.

  1. Note:- By Tick marking on AUTO GENERATE MASTER any new ledger that is not available in tally will be created automatically. If you don’t tick mark the option, it will cause an error at the time of import.
  2. Choose or drag and drop your excel file and upload it. As you click on the Process option your file is in process and it will be converted to .XML file.

Step 6 : Download the Converted File

On your left side of the screen, you will see the Process Logs option. Click on that and you can see the list of all the converted files with details and status. If the status of your excel file shows Success, then you can download the XML file. In case there are any errors in the Excel File, it will show you Failure as status and you can correct it accordingly.

  1. Note:- We also send an automatic email notification once your file is processed.
  2. As you are almost done, save your downloaded XML File in a specific folder where you want to save all the XML Files.

Step 7:- Copy file location path as a download XML file

Click on the saved file and see to it that it opens in a browser. Copy the file location path as shown in the image given below.

Step 8:- Now paste XML file location path to Tally

Open Tally.ERP, you will find an option of Import Data under Utilities into Gateway of Tally options. Click on Vouchers, A small box will be open beside it wherein you have to paste the copied file location path.

  1. The file is imported to Tally

Sign Up

Sign Up

Click Here and visit Xcel2Tally website. Fill up the required details. Read the agreement and tick mark the box beside it. Click on the Sign up button to proceed.

  1. As you click the Sign up button, we will send a verification mail on your email which was submitted at the time of Sign up.
  2. Click on Verify My Email button and you will be directed to Xcel2Tally Website and your account will be registered with us.

Forgot Password

In case you have forgotten your password click on Forget Password and enter your registered email address which you have submitted at the time of registering your account. Immediately you will receive a verification email instructing you to create a new password.

Change Password

  1. If you want to change your current password, click on the profile icon on the right side of your screen and go to settings.
  2. As you click on settings, the window shown below will appear. Submit the required details and click on Change.
  3. Finally, your password is changed.


We are having different subscription plans, which you can purchase according to your requirement. We offer you with the lowest and most convenient plan that will help you to remove all the restrictions of free plan user. You can purchase the plan by paying online with multiple payment options like credit card, debit card, Net-Banking, Wallets and UPI/BHIM.

  1. Normal(For Single Template)
  2. If your business requires a specific template, the Normal (For Single Template) plan will be best for you. As you can purchase a single template of your choice and convert unlimited entries. It might be possible that you will have more than one company, so in that case you can even import the other company’s entries also.

  3. Combo
  4. The Combo plan includes the ones which are most used templates and is specially designed for those who want to purchase five most popular templates at a time which combines Sales, Payment Voucher, Receipt Voucher, Journal Voucher & Bank Statement.

  5. Ultimate
  6. It is a plan that provides you with all the templates at a time to import your Excel to Tally with unlimited entries. By purchasing this plan, you can import infinite entries of all your companies for any templates.

  7. Multiple Templates
  8. If you want to purchase customised templates for your business, we provide you with a customised plan at a discounted rate to fulfill all your requirements. To purchase our customised plan, contact our support team at for more details and pricing.

How to Purchase a plan?

  1. Add the Product to Cart
  2. Once you login in to your registered account. You will find the Purchase Product option on the left side of your screen. Click on it. As shown below, a product list will appear with its pricing. As per your requirements, add the respective products to the cart. You can see a cart button on the top-right side of your screen. Click on the cart button and proceed.

  3. Submit the Details
  4. Fill up the required details and Click on the process payment button to proceed for payment.

  1. Payment Confirmation mail will be sent on your registered email address
  2. For any queries, please contact to and +91 7229047997