Frequently Asked Questions

As such there are no limitations of the free converter utility tool but the only thing you need to keep in mind is if you have not purchased the paid subscription you cannot exceed the limit of 200 entries per month and you need to prepare the excel file as per the sample available on the website.

By registering to Xcel2Tally, you can access this online utility tool from anywhere

As of now, it is a fixed Excel template format. You cannot change or customize it.

By subscribing to the paid plans, we provide you with unlimited benefits like importing data of more than one company, purchasing templates as per your business requirements(single or a combo) and if you want to buy all the templates/ledgers we provide an ultimate plan for more accurate and easy accounts.

As per our Refund Policy, if you are not satisfied with our services you will be required to send an email to providing a valid reason for the subscription refund within 48 hours of your purchase. The final decision will be in the hands of our officials.

1. Login to Xcel2Tally

2. Click on the PURCHASE PRODUCT button.

3. Add the products in the cart

4. Submit the necessary details

5. Pay the amount as per the plan subscribed by you.

Xcel2tally doesn't support multiple users but your registered account details can be used in multiple systems at a time.

Xcel2Tally will support all the higher versions of Tally from Tally 6.3 and above.

You can surely submit your own Excel File for conversion but make sure that it is as per the format specified by us.

It's alright if you don’t have Tally in your system. You can share the XML output with the Tally User and get your Excel File imported to Tally easily.

The below-listed ledgers/templates are supported by Xcel2Tally:-

  1. Sales Without Inventory
  2. Purchase Without Inventory
  3. Purchase With Inventory
  4. Receipt Voucher
  5. Payment Voucher
  6. Journal Entry
  7. Debit Note Without Inventory
  8. Credit Note Without Inventory
  9. Ledger Master
  10. Item Master
  11. Bank Statement and Contra